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Here are some of the resources which I have created to help me to teach Computer Science and ICT. Please feel free to use them.

Anton Leach, September 2020




AQA A Level Specification
Binary/Hex Questions
Encryption Explained
Programming Exercises
Learning HTML
Code challenges
Bits & Bytes
A big noise?
Bitmap size calculations
Regular Expression Playground

Computer Science at GCSE and A Level

AQA A Level Specification

The specification for the new AQA A Level (7516 & 7517)

I was finding this a bit overwhelming to get to grips with, so I have copied it out into a format that makes it easier to see which parts are in which papers, what is new in A Level compred to AS, and allows you to focus on specific topics.

OCR GCSE Specification

The specification for the new OCR GCSE (J276)

Keyword Revision for A Level and GCSE

Randomly select from a key words list by topic to revise the concepts.

Binary Question Generator

Random questions in various types of binary, denary and hexadecimal conversion, including fractions, two's compliment and real numbers with mantisa and exponent. There is a secret 'teacher mode' which shows the answers - contact if you would like details of how to access that.

Bits & Bytes

How many bits would you need to store a given value? What is the biggest number you can get in N bits?

Bitmap size calculations

Calculate bitmap sizes, resolutions and changes caused by resampling at different colour depths.

Encryption Explained

Basic encryption, Keyword, One Time Pad,SSL Public/Private key, Digital Signatures, Digital Certificates

Regular Expression Playground

You can put in some text and then write regular expressions to find things in the text. There are some examples to get you started, but you can put in your own text too.

C# webserver framework for A level projects

A set of C# classes to implement a webserver framework similar to that which comes built in to PHP, with persistent session data and handling of GET/POST form data.

Learning Programming

Programming Exercises

Learn HTML

Python Workshop

My "Introduction to Python" course, which is aimed at year 7/8/9 pupils. The pages here contain the source code for the demonstrations to the pupils and also the worksheets for them. Provided for teachers wanting to do something similar.


Code to get our school robots working, which might be useful to others wo have their own robots with similar sensors, such as UltraSound, the RyanTech line follower and some switches or IR sensors for bumpers.

General classroom tools

Countdown timer

Countdown timer (ticking) - requires Flash

Digital Stopwatch

Simple stopwatch - requires Flash

Typing game

Practice typing skills by saving the letters from sinking into the sea, with various difficulty levels.