Bag Of Cows

Pseudo Code Library

Here are a number of projects with either flowcharts or pseudo code (or both) for students to use as a basis for programs.

These have been developed mostly with python in mind, but could work equally well with other languages.

Dog Years

Calculate how old a dog is in human terms.

Uses: Input, conversion to integers, selection, calculation.

Exam Percent Calculator

Mr Green is trying to make life easier by using a program to calculate his pupils exam percentages...but it's not working!

Demonstrates: Syntax Errors, Logic Errors

Dice Game

A simple game where three random dice are rolled and a score given based on how many of the die show the same number. Extension tasks to play again and choose difficulty level.

Uses: Input, random numbers, comparison of integers, use of variables, while loop.

Shoe Cost Calculator

Program to work out the cost of hand made diamond encrusted shoes based on inputs such as shoe size and age of customer. Involves some validations and simple calculations with formulae depending on the input parameters. Extension to detect characters in a string and count the number of matches.

Uses: Input, conversion to integers, IFs for validation, simple calculations. Extension uses string searching, or iterating through the letters of a string, or perhaps regular expressions.

The Old Empty Barn

A program to code the legend of the 'Old Empty Barn'. Very scary, and unsuitable for those of a nervous disposition.

Uses: Reading and writing files, arrays, validation of inputs, ASCII art.

Flag of Leachonia

Python code to draw a vector graphics image of the Imperial flag.

Uses: Multi dimentional arrays, RLE, graphics

The Philosophical Restaurant

Make a menu selector for a very strange restaurant.

Uses: Lists, Caesar shift