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Python Programming Workshop

This is the section with the material for my one day "Introduction to Python" course, which is aimed at year 7/8/9 pupils. The pages here contain the source code for the demonstrations to the pupils and also the worksheets for them.

This will probably be most use to teachers who have seen me give the course and want to reproduce it for their own pupils, but if you find it useful, please feel free to use the materials here to teach your own students.

The basic format is that there is a demonstration of the code, gradually building it up in stages and discussing the concepts as they are used. The there is a worksheet where the pupils nave to fill in some blanks (e.g. variable names, output messages) before using the worksheet to type in the code themselves. There are some extension suggestions for those who complete it quickly.

Session 1: Basic Python Commands

Three small command line programs which introduce the major programming concepts, including variables, input, output, lists, iteration and selection.

Session 2: Using Python to draw pictures

This session makes lots of use of functions which draw shapes. They are passed parameters which control size and colour. Using these some quite psychedelic artwork can be produced.